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Health Promotion and Prevention

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In this section you will find documents relating to issue of promoting healthy, active ageing amongst older people including policies and initiatives in Ireland and internationally. 


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Tackling health inequalities - An All-Ireland approach to social determinants Clare Farrell, Helen McAvoy, Jane Wilde & Combat Poverty Agency (preface by Sir Michael Marmot) Combat Poverty Agency in association with the Institute for Public Health August 2008 Go to website or Download  
Adding Years to Life and Life to Years: A Health Promotion Strategy for Older People Dr Harold Brenner and Dr Emer Shelley NCAOP and DOHC 1998 Go to website or Download  
National Health Promotion Strategy 2000 to 2005   Department of Health and Children Department of Health and Children 2000 Go to website or Download  
Active Ageing: A Policy Framework World Health Oranisation (WHO) World Health Oranisation (WHO) 2002 Go to website or Download
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